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College Credit

Charity Christian Academy offers a Dual Credit program to help students prepare for work or further schooling.
The goal is to have students earn a minimum of twenty-six college credits before they graduate from high school.
Ambitious students may request to take more college-level courses than the sample programs list.
Courses are offered by accredited colleges and include both academic and career/technical courses. While most students take basic general education courses such as English, history, math and social science, coursework may include areas such as business or criminal justice, depending on the various degree and certificate programs offered by each community college.
All the courses are offered online to make it easy for students to access their classes from home. To accommodate the majority of students and families, we are partnering with several colleges with a variety of enrollment requirements and tuition fees. An overview of each college’s requirements and the programs that we offer in partnership with them, including any AP courses or CLEP tests that would help accumulate college credits is available through the drop-down list beside the college name.

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  • Hutchinson Community College - Dual Credit program
  • Colby Community College - Dual Credit program
  • College of Southern Nevada - Dual Credit Program
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