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Distance Education

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The Distance Education program allows parents the opportunity to homeschool their children from preschool through eighth grade using high quality textbooks. The school keeps their official records, issues report cards, and issues diplomas for eighth grade. (Remember to check out our online program for high school students.)

The books are shipped directly to the parent's home, along with a grading tool and planner (to help the parents plan out the academic year). Many of the books are non-consumable and can be used for another child to save money.

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Steps for New Enrollment Or Re-Enrollment

  • 1. Print, complete and sign the Enrollment Contract.
  • 2. Print, complete and sign the Record Request Form.(New Enrollments Only)
  • 3. Print, complete and sign the Statement Of Faith Form. (New Enrollments Only)
  • 4. Scan each of the above paper documents and save them to your PC.
  • 5. Complete the Enrollment online form Or Re-Enrollment Online form and attach the above electronic copy forms to the online form in the appropriate sections.
  • 6. Make payment via one of the below Paypal buttons for enrollment.
  • Program Choices
    Monthly Payment Plan option - Deposit
    You will be notified when automatic paypal payments can be signed up for in due course
    Distance Education Enrollment Fees
    Enrollment fees are non-refundable.
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