2nd Grade

Our Second Grade Program focuses on children that are seven to eight years old.

Second grade introduces children to social studies and nature study. Students continue to grow in their reading and math skills.

Many of the items in this package are non-consumable, if the original items are kept then additional children going through this level would have an enrollment fee of $180. The full-year fee would be $480.

2nd grade includes:

The Early Reader’s Bible

64 easy-to-read Bible stories, based on standard school word lists – Colorful illustrations, stimulating questions, and real-life applications to increase children’s understanding of God’s Word – List of 250 basic words used in  school early reader books – List of over 200 new words including Bible vocabulary with fewer than five new words introduced in each story.

My Story 2 – My Country My World

My Story level two continues with a journey around the world, and lays a foundation for understanding state and federal governments, basic economic principles, and more. Four global quests included.

Lays a foundation for God’s love as students learn about his world. Starts with an understanding of the family from the Book of Genesis, Eden, Noah’s family, the Tower of Babel, and beyond. Helps children create a map of their homes and neighborhood so they can better understand a world map. Covers topics and interesting insights like toys and inventions through history, words from around the world, and homes in every shape and size, all while helping children journal their own story.

Language Lessons for a Living Education 2

Developing early reading and narration skills, by the end of the course, students should be able to comfortably write up to three sentences at a time.

This curriculum incorporates picture study, memorization, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, observation, poems, psalms, letters, and practical application through creative writing all working towards the mastery of reading and grammar, as well as the mechanics of communication and writing. Equivalent to a second grade level.

Math Lessons for a Living Education

Book 2 follows the adventures of Charlie and Charlotte once they have returned home from their grandparent’s farm. Using the same format as Book 1, Book 2 content teaches addition and subtraction (including carrying & borrowing), numbers to 100, simple fractions, word problems, skip counting, inches/feet, perimeter, dollars/cents, temperature, graphs, pounds/ounces, liquid measure, and a bit about the seasons, geography, and love of family.


Pentime Transition reviews manuscript for 35 pages and then jumps into cursive handwriting for the remaining 60 pages of the book, where students learn the strokes for individual cursive letters and practice connecting them.

Helping Hands

This reading set is for the first half of the second grade and contains stories teaching children about honesty, helpfulness, courtesy, trust, unselfishness, and thankfulness. The set includes the hardback reader, teacher’s guide with answers, and Lightunits.

Happy Hearts

This is the reading set for the second half of the second grade and continues the tradition of well-written, character-building stories for children. The set includes the hardback reader, teacher’s guide with answers, and Lightunits.

God’s Design for Life for Beginners – Plants Set

Explore the amazing variety of plants that God created! Learn about the parts of plants and flowers and how plants get energy and grow.

God Created the Plants & Trees of the World

God Created the Plants and Trees of the World covers the biblical Creation story in relation to plants and trees, as well as their roles in other Bible stories, such as the Garden of Eden. It also includes general facts about plants and information on different types of plants. Kids will also learn how plants fit within God’s world in their relation to people and animals.

*Teaches about plants and pollination in an age-appropriate, biblically-sound manner

*Contains 32 full-color stickers that match the drawings and can be used as a color guide

*Remains fun and informative even after all the pictures are colored

Match A Leaf Tree Memory Game

Match the leaves with the trees they come from in this beautifully illustrated game.

Place the cards face down and see if you can remember where the matching pairs are located. Collect more pairs than your opponent to win!

With common US and UK trees included as well as interesting trees from around the world, this fun and educational game is an ideal gift that will appeal to nature lovers everywhere. The game features interesting facts about the trees, written by the Head of the Arboretum at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in London.

Art with a Purpose

Simple coloring skills, cutting, pasting, and simple perspective drawing.

Amelia Bedelia (I Can Read Level 2)

Amelia Bedelia goes to work housekeeping for the Rogers. Mrs. Rogers has left a list of things for her to do. The first item on the list reads: Change the towels in the bathroom. Amelia Bedelia finds the towels, but they are so nice it seems like a shame to change them. But that’s what the list says, so Amelia Bedelia finds some scissors and changes those towels. You can only imagine what she does to draw the curtains, dust the furniture, and dress the chicken!

Bears on Hemlock Mountain / Dalgliesh

When his mother sends him over the mountain on an errand, Jonathan dawdles at his aunt’s house, then crosses the mountain at night – the mountain that people say has no bears.

Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express

Based on the real-life exploits of “Buffalo” Bill Cody, readers are transported to the days of the Pony Express. Follow Bill as he successfully gets the mail through despite wolves, terrible storms, and a run-in with the local “bad guy.”

Courage of Sarah Noble

Eight-year-old Sarah must learn to be brave when she accompanies her father to the wilderness of Connecticut to build a house for their family.

First Flight (I Can Read History)

Young Tom Tate experiences flight in a glider built by the Wright brothers.

Frog and Toad are Friends

The five short stories include Frog and Toad and spring, the lost button, the story, swimming, and the letter.

Owl at Home (ICR L2)

Owl is sensible, but he has his moments – like when he tries to let winter come in and warm up by the fire. Kids will love these short, silly stories.

Wagon Wheels

After the Civil War, an African American pioneer family journeys across the great plains in search of a new home.

Easy Recorder Package

This starter set contains everything you need to get started learning the recorder. It includes a Canto soprano recorder, the Hands on Recorder Book, and the Hands on Recorder accompaniment CD. The book provides beginning instruction and forty-six songs, and the CD features instrumental accompaniment for twenty-six of those songs.

2nd Grade with alternate math includes:

Beta Universal Set

Addition & subtraction for multiple-digit numbers and other topics. The Beta Universal Set includes everything you need for a successful experience with Beta: Instruction Manual with complete solutions, Instruction DVD, Student Workbook, Tests booklet, Integer Block Kit, and 12 months of access to our new Beta Digital Pack, which includes the Skip Count Songs MP3s and Songbook PDF.

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