3rd Grade

Our Third Grade Program focuses on children that are eight to nine years old.

Our program includes Social Studies covering communities and Science covering Flying Animals, including a science kit. Students continue to growing in their reading and math skills, including solving for the unknown in math problems.

3rd grade includes:

Doors to Discovery

This reading course consists of a hard back reader, teacher’s guide, and ten LightUnits. The Teacher’s Guide provides valuable discussion and activity ideas, useful appendices, and alternate LightUnit tests. Contains a reproduction of each LightUnit with answers.

Math Lessons for a Living Education

In Book 3, join Charlie, Charlotte, their baby sister Ella, and their parents as they prepare and go on a mission trip to Peru. Children will review concepts from Book 2 and learn addition and subtraction up to 4 digits, rounding to 10s, 100s, and 1000s, multiplication and division up to 10s, area of rectangles and squares, place value through millions, more measurement, solving for unknowns, greater/less than, and Roman numerals.

Pentime 3

This is the first year of cursive writing. Children will practice cursive letters, joining letters, writing words, and copying short paragraphs.

Exploring Creation with Zoology

In this book, your children will begin exploring the dynamics of flight and animal classification, understanding why the design we see in these incredible creatures points us to our Creator God. Then, get ready for the exciting adventure of learning about birds. After becoming amateur ornithologists, your children will explore the world of chiropterology, which is the study of bats. Your children will then investigate entomology, the study of insects.

The science kit contains most of what is needed for the science experiments in Zoology 1. This item only ships to continental U.S. destinations. Ask for a modified curriculum package.

Each lesson in the junior journal begins with two fun coloring pages for the student to color while he listens to the reading of the text. These pages provide opportunities for active learning while reinforcing the lesson’s content. Following are pages with templates designed to encourage creative expression and written narration.

Art with a Purpose

Artpac 3 covers advanced coloring techniques including shading, perspective, more advanced drawing techniques, painting, paper dolls, and fiber pictures.

The Child’s Story Bible

A Bible in story form for your young children that is true to the Bible in substance, but simplifies or leaves out details beyond the young child’s comprehension or concern.

Stone Fox

Based on a Rocky Mountain legend, Stone Fox tells the story of Little Willy, who lives with his grandfather in Wyoming.

Beginning Wisely

English 3 has 125 regular lessons and 10 review lessons. Communication skills are taught. Understanding sentence type and structure is basic to writing sentences, and then paragraphs and stories. Sentence parts are studied, and some simple diagramming. Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs and their correct usage are exercised. Dictionary work, capitalization and punctuation, proofreading, and communication skills round out this English course.

Spelling 3

Each lesson in Spelling 3 lists 13 new words and 3 review words, except every sixth lesson which is completely review.

The new word list is presented in both print and in cursive writing. Part “A” of the exercises builds understanding of the word meanings. Part “B” deals with the phonetic principles that apply to the words. Part “C” teaches simple dictionary skills.

Understanding our Community

This course gives the student an introduction to the community and shows how various organizations and public services operate. The goal is to foster an appreciation for the services offered and to help the student to act responsibly. Most lessons are presented in story form so that the student learns through the eyes of the main character as he observes his community.

Merriam-Webster’s Elementary Dictionary

This engaging dictionary is intended for elementary-aged students. It features more than 36,000 entries, over 800 illustrations and photographs, cross-references, example sentences, word histories, Greek and Latin word root paragraphs, and a pronunciation guide at the bottom of each page.

3rd grade additional math includes:

Gamma Universal Set

Multiplication for single and multiple-digit numbers and other topics.

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