4th Grade

Our Fourth Grade Program focuses on children that are nine to ten years old and has a touch of excitement with Social Studies covering the birth of the American dream and Science covering forest plants and animals. Students continue to grow in their reading and math skills, including work with larger numbers, metric measurement, decimals, operations with equivalent fractions, and more.

4th grade includes:

Illustrated Family Bible Stories

Capturing all the major Old and New Testament stories (over 200), this Bible story book is designed for older elementary children who are ready to read on their own but still have a great appreciation for informative illustrations. Stories are presented chronologically with scripture references.

Math – Book 4

In Book 4 the family travels through the United States. The twins and friends learn about landmarks, Americas heroes, and work in their garden as they review concepts from Book 3 and do further work with larger numbers, metric measurement, decimals, operations with equivalent fractions, and more. Math Fact Reviews are incorporated into the lessons so that students won’t forget foundational math information.

Reading – Book 4

The stories in the reader Bridges Beyond take the child to the past, to the animal world, and to other lands. Meet young Noah Webster who was fascinated with words, a fox who outwitted his enemy, a seal who wouldn’t swim, a French girl who puzzles over a mystery, and a Dutch family who wonders whether war will stop the stork’s return.

All Nature Sings (Discovering Nature Series)

Students learn about forest plants and animals, dinosaurs, Noah’s ark, Creation days and more through 3 stories by Mary E. Woodis: “Oakie of the Oak Tree,” “Daniil the Triceratops” and “Beneniah the Bear.”

Justin Morgan Had a Horse

Story of the first known American-bred Morgan horse.

Secret Garden (Evergreen Classics)

In this beloved story, readers travel with Mary Lennox, a spoiled and sullen orphan, from colonial India to Misselthwaite Manor, a forbidding estate on the Yorkshire moors. There, in the unlikeliest of places, Mary discovers and helps restore an abandoned garden and, in the process, blossoms herself into a creature of loving kindness.

Mary’s transformation begins when she meets a no-nonsense housekeeper, a brusque gardener, and a sprightly robin that leads her to the hidden garden. With the help of Dickon, a boy with an almost supernatural affinity for animals and plants, and Colin, her frail cousin, Mary works in secret to bring new life to the old garden. The three friends find their efforts rewarded not only with all the pleasure that blooming flowers bring, but also the blessings of good health and high spirits.

Art With a Purpose

Illustrate a story book, more advanced coloring and drawing, making drawings appear 3-dimensional.

Language Lessons for Elementary Child V1

These 180 daily lessons include picture study, narration, copywork, dictation, poetry appreciation, instruction in writing different styles of poetry, grammar instruction, and more. Something different every day, your child will not become bored by repetitive, monotonous drills like in some other programs, yet lessons build and continue to review on previously learned material.

Pentime Cursive Grade 4

This course is designed to teach cursive handwriting skills with a minimum of teacher supervision. However, it is necessary for teachers to watch the students’ progress carefully.

America’s Story Volume 2

From the birth of the American dream through to the modern era, this series was developed using Charlotte Mason education philosophy to learn through interaction and story elements that connect students emotionally through learning about America and its influence throughout the world. Through this unique educational style, children develop comprehension through oral and written narration, and create memories through notebooking and hands-on crafts. This is not just facts and figures; this is living history.

Student journals help students connect more deeply to the lessons.

Journals include pages for writing and drawing, special project pages, written narration pages, and timeline characters to help children narrate their way through history’s story.

The series is both easy-to-follow and easy-to-use!


This book has 34 lessons divided into units of six lessons each, except for the last unit, which has only four lessons. Each unit (except the last) has five regular lessons followed by a review lesson for that unit. The units are generally self-contained, so that a student can find the spelling rules and helps for each review lesson within the same unit.

Story of Beethoven in Word+s and Music CD

Beethoven was admired as a pianist, but had to give up performing when his hearing failed. He never heard his greatest compositions.

Although his personal life was unhappy, Beethoven’s music expresses optimism and a world where universal brotherhood prevails.

At his death, Beethoven was recognized as Europe’s greatest composer. Thousands attended his funeral, even many who did not understand his music.

Stories of Vivaldi & Corelli In Words & Music CD

Works of Vivaldi and Corelli are combined with narratives of their lives.

4th grade additional math includes:

Delta Math

Division for single and multiple-digit numbers and other topics. Division is presented as the inverse of multiplication. Single-digit division facts are learned and the concepts of division and place value are applied when solving long division problems.

Optional Add-ins

Must be ordered with any kit either Distance Education or Online.

Spa Labs: All-Natural Soaps

Create fun soaps to keep or give to friends! Simply melt the glycerin in the microwave, add color and/or scents, pour in the molds, and let cool. Before you know it, you’re ready for some good, clean fun! This kit is appropriate for grades 3 – 9.

Signing For Kids / Flodin

A lighter approach, by Mickey Flodin, for younger students of American Sign Language. Over 1,000 signs are taught focusing on subjects that appeal to children’s interests plus the whole sign alphabet. Your children will be signing their names in no time! This item is appropriate for grades 3 – 9.

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