4th Grade

Our Fourth Grade Program focuses on children that are nine to ten years old and has a touch of excitement with Social Studies covering the birth of the American dream and Science covering forest plants and animals. Students continue to grow in their reading and math skills, including work with larger numbers, metric measurement, decimals, operations with equivalent fractions, and more.

Many of the items in this package are non-consumable, if the original items are kept then additional children going through this level would have an enrollment fee of $170. The full-year fee would be $470.

4th grade includes:

More Than Words: Level 2

Inside you will find 36 weeks of lessons that include faith stories with Caleb and Selah, special missions, and Scripture studies, as well as poetry, hymn, and picture studies. All of these elements work together to help build the character and faith of every reader. Give children important tools to help them test everything with the Word of God, through reading, studying, and memorizing biblical passages each week!

America’s Story Volume 2

From the birth of the American dream through to the modern era, this series was developed using Charlotte Mason education philosophy to learn through interaction and story elements that connect students emotionally through learning about America and its influence throughout the world. Through this unique educational style, children develop comprehension through oral and written narration, and create memories through notebooking and hands-on crafts. This is not just facts and figures; this is living history.

Student journals help students connect more deeply to the lessons.

Journals include pages for writing and drawing, special project pages, written narration pages, and timeline characters to help children narrate their way through history’s story.

The series is both easy-to-follow and easy-to-use!

Language Lessons for a Living Education 4

Students will build on and reinforce essential communication skills as they achieve proficiency in grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and reading comprehension. Independent reading and mastery of effective sentences and paragraphs are at the heart of this course.

Colorful and endearing pictures enhance this fun and engaging story-based approach. Written with a Charlotte Mason influence but designed for modern homeschoolers, students will enjoy poem, hymn, and picture studies and faith-growing stories to inspire detailed and descriptive paragraphs. Activities include memorizing poems, Scripture, and the books of the Bible, creating a dictionary, gentle narration and copy work, and critical thinking games to hone and apply their writing and reading skills creatively.

Additional copy work, fun games, and activities are in the back for extra practice of key grammar concepts and spelling, making the course easily adaptable to meet the needs of each student.

Writing stamina is built up gradually. By the end of the course, students should be able to comfortably write a four to five-sentence paragraph.

Math – Book 4

In Book 4 the family travels through the United States. The twins and friends learn about landmarks, Americas heroes, and work in their garden as they review concepts from Book 3 and do further work with larger numbers, metric measurement, decimals, operations with equivalent fractions, and more. Math Fact Reviews are incorporated into the lessons so that students won’t forget foundational math information.

Pentime Cursive Grade 4

This course is designed to teach cursive handwriting skills with a minimum of teacher supervision. However, it is necessary for teachers to watch the students’ progress carefully.

Science Starters: Elementary Physical & Earth Science Package

Science Starters: Elementary Physical & Earth Science invites students to understand, develop a strong foundation in, and absolutely love science! Through easy-to-understand experiments, activities, and hands-on projects, students will study physical and earth science as they explore friction, minerals, catapults, heat, and so much more.

Rocks & Minerals of the USA

This reference card is great for students learning about the appearance of various rocks and minerals. Attached to a 4″ x 6″ laminated card are samples of 20 common rocks found in the United States: Quartz, Amazon Stone, Epidote, Andesite, Flourite, Obsidian, Orthoclase, Talc, Jasper, Ulexite, Pyrite, Migmatite, Opal, Chrysocolla, Sulfur, Coal, Dolomite, Magnetite, Calcite, and Terra Cotta. Each sample is about .5″ wide. The back of the card has a very brief explanation about rock classification. 

Lamb’s Book of Art Book 1 with Art Supplies

This award-winning 1-year curriculum teaches fundamentals and color theory for beginning students and has been a favorite with homeschooling families for years. Subjects include – color theory – drawing – perspective – nature studies – anatomy – portraits – cartooning – lettering – creative writing and more.

This set includes the following items:

  • Lamb’s Book of Art I
  • Prang Art Markers Washable Set 8 Color
  • Dynasty #7 Round Synthetic Brush
  • Flair Black Ultrafine Pen
  • Kneaded Art Eraser Medium
  • Student Quality Sketching Pencil – 2B (Gen’l)
  • Student Quality Sketching Pencil – 4B (Gen’l)
  • Student Quality Sketching Pencil – HB (Gen’l)
  • Ruler, 12, Wide Bendable C-Thru Engl/Meter
  • Pencil Sharpener – Metal, Single Hole
  • Prismacolor Scholars (12 Color Set)



Great Turkey Walk

This humorous Wild West adventure is about 15-year old Simon Green. Simon just can’t do well in school, but then he makes a plan that he hopes will lead to a fortune. Financed by his teacher and accompanied by a loyal drover, his dog, four mules, and a wagon-load of corn, Simon tries to herd one thousand turkeys from Missouri to Denver, where meat is scarce and fetches a high price. A very funny and entertaining novel by Kathleen Karr. 200 pgs, pb.

Little House on the Prairie (Full Color Collection)

It’s the end of winter, and Pa has decided that the Big Woods are too full of people. The Ingalls are moving to the Kansas prairie! It is a tiresome journey, and once they arrive they have to build a whole new house and barn. However, Pa loves the wide open space, with only sky and prairie as far as the eye can see. Laura’s days are filled with excitement from meeting new neighbors, seeing wolves, and even having Indians come to the house when Pa is away.

Shades of Gray

Will Page is the sole survivor of his family. His father and brother were killed in the Civil War, and his mother and two sisters died of illness. Following his mother’s instructions, he leaves home to live with his aunt and uncle. But he thinks his uncle is a coward and a traitor to their people for refusing to fight in the war. Gradually, circumstances force Will to realize that his assumptions may be false, and that his uncle may not be the coward he thought. 152 pgs, pb.

Wright Brothers

Young Orville and Wilbur Wright loved building things. From the fastest sled in town to the highest-flying kite, the Wright brothers’ creations were always a step ahead of everyone else’s. They grew up learning all about mechanics from fixing bicycles and studied math and physics. On December 17, 1903, Orville took off in the world’s first flying machine! The Wright airplane is one of the most amazing–and life-changing–

Musical Memories of Laura Ingalls Wilder Book and CD (Experience History Through Music)

Musical Memories of Laura Ingalls Wilder: In Musical Memories of Laura Ingalls Wilder, written by Bill Anderson, the well-loved stories of the Little House books will come to life all over again as you listen to the songs that were a part of life for the Ingalls family and for thousands of other pioneering families.

4th grade additional math includes:

Delta Math

Division for single and multiple-digit numbers and other topics. Division is presented as the inverse of multiplication. Single-digit division facts are learned and the concepts of division and place value are applied when solving long division problems.

Optional Add-ins

Must be ordered with any kit either Distance Education or Online.

Spa Labs: All-Natural Soaps

Create fun soaps to keep or give to friends! Simply melt the glycerin in the microwave, add color and/or scents, pour in the molds, and let cool. Before you know it, you’re ready for some good, clean fun! This kit is appropriate for grades 3 – 9.

Signing For Kids / Flodin

A lighter approach, by Mickey Flodin, for younger students of American Sign Language. Over 1,000 signs are taught focusing on subjects that appeal to children’s interests plus the whole sign alphabet. Your children will be signing their names in no time! This item is appropriate for grades 3 – 9.

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