4th Grade

Our Fourth Grade Program focuses on children that are nine to ten years old and has a touch of excitement with Social Studies covering homelands around the world and Science covering Swimming Animals, including a science kit. Students continue to grow in their reading and math skills, including work with larger numbers, metric measurement, decimals, operations with equivalent fractions, and more.

4th grade includes:

Illustrated Family Bible Stories

Capturing all the major Old and New Testament stories (over 200), this Bible story book is designed for older elementary children who are ready to read on their own but still have a great appreciation for informative illustrations. Stories are presented chronologically with scripture references.

Math – Book 4

In Book 4 the family travels through the United States. The twins and friends learn about landmarks, Americas heroes, and work in their garden as they review concepts from Book 3 and do further work with larger numbers, metric measurement, decimals, operations with equivalent fractions, and more. Math Fact Reviews are incorporated into the lessons so that students won’t forget foundational math information.

Reading – Book 4

The stories in the reader Bridges Beyond take the child to the past, to the animal world, and to other lands. Meet young Noah Webster who was fascinated with words, a fox who outwitted his enemy, a seal who wouldn’t swim, a French girl who puzzles over a mystery, and a Dutch family who wonders whether war will stop the stork’s return.

Exploring Creation – Swimming Creatures

Students will learn about the special features of swimming creatures, the different watery environments they live in, what their lifestyles are like, and the special circumstances they deal with.

Additionally it comes with a special notebooking journal that will be treasured by your child as he or she illustrates and records fascinating facts and information learned during each lesson. There are beautifully decorated templates for completing every assignment in the book, as well as a detailed schedule to follow. Also included are pages to record projects, experiments, and activities. Finally, paste pages are provided to display the gorgeous, colorful lapbook-style miniature books your student will assemble.

Supply kit

Personal-sized fans, AA batteries, pepper packets, balloon, construction paper, glue, plastic cup, paper cup, nails, blue drink mix, yellow drink mix, spoon, cardstock, clear tape, small cups, table salt, paper clip, pencil, colored yarn, petroleum jelly, gloves, stopwatch, plastic bags, chalk, tape measure, small box, vanilla, sea shell, etc.

Louis Braille

This biography of Louis Braille focuses largely on his childhood years, his blindness, his years at a school for the blind, how he came to be a teacher, and his development of Braille, so those who were inflicted with blindness could learn to read the books he valued so. An easy-to-read and inspiring biography.

Art With a Purpose

Illustrate a story book, more advanced coloring and drawing, making drawings appear 3-dimensional.

Building with Diligence

This book has 127 lessons divided into 11 chapters. The first two chapters deal with understanding sentence structures and types. Chapters 3-8 and Chapter 10 focus on seven parts of speech: nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and conjunctions. Chapter 9 teaches concepts about punctuation. Chapter 11 concludes the course with lessons on capitalization, the dictionary, synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms.

Homelands Around the World

This textbook gives fourth grade pupils a glimpse of the world’s geography, cultures, and wildlife from a Biblical perspective. The first chapter teaches a basic knowledge of the climate zones of the earth. Chapters 2-8 take the student around the globe, studying the geographical and cultural variations of different lands, including Nigeria, the Philippines, Australia, Europe, Japan, Siberia, Ecuador and more.


This book has 34 lessons divided into units of six lessons each, except for the last unit, which has only four lessons. Each unit (except the last) has five regular lessons followed by a review lesson for that unit. The units are generally self-contained, so that a student can find the spelling rules and helps for each review lesson within the same unit.

4th grade additional math includes:

Delta Math

Division for single and multiple-digit numbers and other topics. Division is presented as the inverse of multiplication. Single-digit division facts are learned and the concepts of division and place value are applied when solving long division problems.

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