5th Grade

Our Fifth Grade Program focuses on children that are ten to eleven years old. This program has a touch of excitement with Social Studies covering  the history of the United States and Canada from pre-colonial times to modern days. Geography and mapmaking is emphasized. Science covers Botany, including an exciting science kit.

Students continue to growing in their reading and math skills, including multiplying and dividing with 10/100/1000, 2-digit divisors, division with remainders as fractions, factoring, common factors, greatest common factor, reducing fractions, proper & improper fractions, least common multiple, finding a common denominator, adding & subtracting fractions with uncommon denominators, working with mixed numbers, multiplying & dividing fractions, multiplying & dividing decimals, and counting back money.

5th grade includes:

Math – Book 5

Book 5 reviews known concepts and teaches multiplying and dividing with 10/100/1000, 2-digit divisors, division with remainders as fractions, factoring, common factors, greatest common factor, reducing fractions, proper & improper fractions, least common multiple, finding a common denominator, adding & subtracting fractions with uncommon denominators, working with mixed numbers, multiply fractions, dividing fractions, multiplying & dividing decimals, and counting back money.

Reading – Book 5

The reader Open Windows is filled with wholesome, inspiring stories that the entire family will enjoy. Stories like “Sleep-Out Below Zero,” “To Prove a Proverb,” “I Will Not Do It,” and “In Spite of War” convey solid Biblical messages as they teach good reading skills.


Exploring Creation – Botany

This book begins with a lesson on the nature of botany and the process of classifying plants. It then discusses the development of plants from seeds, the reproduction processes in plants, the way plants make their food, and how plants get their water and nutrients and distribute them throughout the body of the plant. As students study these topics, they also learn about many different kinds of plants in creation and where they belong in the plant classification system.

Additionally, the Botany Notebooking Journal provides everything your student needs to complete his study of botany. Not only does it include all the wonderful features of the other notebooking journals, it also includes an alternative Cold Climate Schedule as well as many additional activities, projects and experiments that can be completed in one day or less.

Supply Kit

Paper towels, aluminum foil, electrical cord, light socket with plug, 15-watt fluorescent spiral light bulb, plastic plates, glue, herb seeds, foam cups with lids, small paper bags, thread, glycerin soap bar, cooking oil, craft sticks, fragrance, scissors, sunflower seeds, bean seeds, pad of paper, plastic bags, coin envelopes, clear tape, ruler, magnifying glass, white paper, clay, cotton swabs, borax, and more are included.

This item only ships to continental U.S. destinations. Ask for a modified curriculum package.

Doctor Dolittle

Once well-visited, well-liked, and well-off, Doctor Dolittle begins to lose patients as a result of his many pets. He does not really care, for he isn’t worried about money and he likes animals better anyway. His parrot, Polynesia, who can speak English, teaches Dr. Dolittle to speak her language, and eventually he can communicate with all animals. He soon becomes an animal doctor instead, and he becomes quite rich again as word spreads of amazing success. Soon even wild animals are showing up at his door for help, and Dr. Dolittle never turns anyone away.  An amusing, entertaining story children will love to read themselves or have read to them.

Art With a Purpose

Advanced shading techniques, watercolors, free-hand drawing, reducing and enlarging pictures, and lettering are covered in this course.





English – Following the Plan

English 5 has 119 lessons divided into 10 chapters. The first two chapters deal with understanding sentence types and structure. Chapters 3-7 and chapter 9 focus on the eight parts of speech. Chapter 8 teaches concepts about punctuation. Chapter 10 deals with miscellaneous lessons on capitalization, the dictionary, synonyms, antonyms, Bible reference books, hyphens, and colons. Interspersed throughout the book are 28 composition lessons. Continual review is built into the course.


This book has 34 lessons divided into units of six lessons each, except for the last unit, which has only four lessons. Each unit (except the last) has five regular lessons followed by a review lesson for that unit. The units are generally self-contained, so that a student can find the spelling rules and helps for each review lesson within the same unit.


Fifth grade Bible covers Old Testament history from Creation to the prophet Samuel. Students are encouraged to follow the example of faithful characters, such as Enoch, Noah, and Abraham. They observe God’s mercy at work, even with those who disobeyed God, but they are reminded that God does not overlook sin.

Homelands of North America

This textbook discusses the history of United States and Canada from pre-colonial times to modern days. American Indian culture, conditions in Europe leading to American colonization, explorations, early colonies, new governments, the spread of North American civilization, and more is taught from a Biblical perspective.

Geographical knowledge and map making is emphasized in this course. Indian tribe distribution, early American settlements, westward expansion routes and patterns, modern political borders and geographical regions, and more is reinforced with exercises requiring students to fill out blank outline maps.

The Body’s Building Blocks

Fifth grade Health covers cells, body structure, nutrition, safety, and more.


The Human Register

“The Human Register” consists of thirteen laminated wall cards, each 12″ wide x 9″ high.

 This time line covers approximately 6,000 years of history from the Creation up to the current century. It has about 130 captions with over 60 color illustrations that help to pinpoint when key Bible events and important secular events took place. However, the focus is on the scope of human history, rather than on precise chronology.

5th grade with alternate math includes:

Epsilon Math Primer

Now that students have learned basic operations with whole numbers, Epsilon covers these same operations with fractions. Fractions are presented in an intuitive way with visual explanations of equivalent fractions, common denominators, and fractions and numbers larger than 1.

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