Kindergarten 2

Our Kindergarten 2 Program focuses on children that are five to six years old. It introduces children to fun educational workbooks. The teacher’s guide includes motor skill activities to help young children with motor skill development.  Reading good literature to children this age is one of the best teaching tools for parents to use.

Kindergarten 2 includes:

LittleLight Activity Books

These LittleLight Activity Books correspond with the LittleLight Workbooks 1 – 5. They provide fun activities such as coloring, cutting and pasting, identifying, and more.

LittleLight Workbooks

Workbooks 1-5 in the Kindergarten II course. Introduces the concepts of matching, dot-to-dot, color names, sounds, letter writing, recognizing and writing numbers 1-100, and more.

LittleLight Teacher’s Guide

The Teacher’s Guide gives detailed lesson instructions, including motor skills, Bible memory, songs, and stories. Reproductions of student pages are included.

Christian Liberty Nature Reader

Book K introduces an animal for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet, and includes a story on each one of them.

Adventures of Jerry Muskrat

The Adventures of Jerry Muskrat tells the story of Jerry, a young muskrat, and his adventures in escaping the Farmer and his son, and saving the Laughing Brook and his home at the Smiling Pool from drying up.

Workbook collection

This is a set of 12 worksbooks and a Bible storybook.

Adventures with Books includes recognizing the 8 basic colors, identifying simple shapes, and understanding a few familiar word meanings.

Bible Pictures to Color has 60 pictures to color, illustrating the 60 stories in Bible Stories to Read. A few pictures provide color-by-number practice. This is basically a coloring book with very little cutting and pasting.

Bible Stories to Read is the storybook, corresponding to the lesson numbers of the child’s coloring book Bible Pictures to Color. Each story is intended to be read by the parent to the child before the corresponding picture is colored by the child. Each story includes several questions and answers as well as a short Bible memory selection. Also available in Spanish and Russian

Counting With Numbers teaches the child to identify, write, and know the meaning of numbers 1 through 10. It teaches number sequence (after, before, and between) and simple math-related words, such as more, less, first, and last.

Do It Carefully introduces discriminating shapes, letters, and a few words; writing letters and the child’s name; and hearing several initial consonant sounds.

Everywhere We Go reviews some of the skills taught in the previous books. The 8 colors, the shapes, and the numbers 1 through 10 are included, as well as writing the letters and the child’s name and hearing several initial consonant sounds.

Finding the Answers develops thinking skills through hearing rhymes, identifying sequence, understanding sentence meanings, making comparisons and associations.

Going On Eagerly, with a polar theme, gives a basic introduction to the series. Exercises include using eight colors, working with four basic shapes, writing and counting with numbers 0 through 10, identifying sequence, drawing missing parts and simple pictures.

Hearing and Helping, with a rain forest theme, includes practice in hearing initial consonant sounds and rhyming words; understanding words in sentence context, as well as following instructions. Exercises also include examples of families and children helping others.

Inside and Outside has a woodlands theme.

Just Thinking and Choosing has a mountain theme.

Keep Doing It Carefully has a deserts and grasslands theme.

Learning More and More has an oceans theme.

Adventures of Chatterer the Red Squirrel

Burgess chronicles the escapades of Chatterer the Red Squirrel, who’s known throughout the Green Forest as a mischief maker. Narrowly escaping the clutches of Shadow the Weasel and Redtail the Hawk, the bushy-tailed little fellow decides to leave the forest for a new home, only to learn that curiosity, carelessness, and mistrust can lead to a heap of troubles.


Madeline truly needs no introduction. An enduring classic, Madeline continues to enchant readers more than seventy years after its first publication.

Nothing frightens Madeline; not tigers, not mice, not even getting sick. To Madeline, a trip to the hospital is a grand adventure.

Colorful Gears

Nearly 100 colorful plastic pieces are included in this set, including cranks, connectors, interlocking plates and, of course, lots of same-size gears. Pillars enable the child (or Dad) to design vertical as well as horizontal combinations. A winner of the Best Toy Award from Oppenheim.

Kindergarten 2 with alternate math includes:

Math Primer

A gentle introduction to doing math.

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