Nursery level 2 (1 – 2 years old)

We believe that one of the best things a parent can instill in very young children is a love for learning. We suggest that a gentle approach to education be taken during these very early years, because most young children do not have adequate fine motor control to do much work in workbook-style curriculum. Instead, we recommend a hands-on method.

Although we use very few testing materials in the early years, we do recommend either a test or a checklist before starting instruction in reading. Children lacking in gross motor or fine motor skills will likely face frustration in reading instruction.

Nursery 2 includes:

One Stuck Duck

One Duck Stuck tells the story of one unfortunate duck who “gets stuck in the muck, down by the deep green marsh. All of the other animals come in 2s and 3s and mores (all the way from 1-10) to help pull the duck out, to no avail. The poor duck remains trapped until they find the right combination to free his foot from the mud.

The Little Engine that Could

The classic children’s story of a small but determined engine. When a train carrying toys, games, and food bound for little children suddenly comes to a stop and cannot go any farther, the toys search for a kind train to carry them to their destination. Many trains come by, but none are willing to help. Finally, along comes the kind little blue engine. Although she is a very small engine, she is also eager to help and so she agrees to try and pull the toys over the big mountain to the kids.

Animal Alphabet

This interactive board book allows children to learn their ABC’s with 26 durable sliding panels and a whole alphabet of colorful creatures.

Biscuit book collection

The little puppy’s gentle nature and playful ways have made Biscuit books favorites with over a million children. With three great titles in one handy package, this collection is perfect for the youngest members in your family!

Brain Games

This is a 7 3/8″ x 9 1/8″ spiral-bound book filled with 301 engaging questions and answers.  Get ready for an exciting new kind of early learning fun for your toddler! Each left-hand page contains one to four questions; each right-hand page supplies concrete answer. These 301 questions tackle early learning benchmarks including letters, numbers, colors, shapes, emotions, healthy, and new vocabulary. Questions and answers are illustrated with art and photography, presenting the material in a fun way to help your child learn in an engaging way. Have fun helping your child learn today!

Time to sign

This helpful child-friendly guide teaches the basics of American Sign Language (ASL). Your child will learn hundreds of words and phrases to help them communicate in everyday situations.

Shape Sorting Cube

Beautiful hardwood cube features 16 different shapes, each vibrantly painted with bold primary colors. The Shape Sorting Cube is a great tool for teaching early skills such as hand-eye coordination, shape and color recognition, and depth perception. Kids will love the satisfying “clink” the chunky shapes make as they drop into the wooden cube. Then, lift the lid, take the shapes out, and start all over again.

Wooden Farm Puzzle

This durable 12″ x 9″ wooden puzzle has eight chunky pieces for kids to place onto a colorful background. There are pictures under the pieces so kids know exactly which piece goes where. The colorful wooden pieces are over half an inch thick, perfect for little hands.

Dress-up Bear

Toddlers will delight in opening and closing the fastenings and peeking in the pockets of this skill-building bear. There are laces to tie, a strap to insert, panels to fold, an extra-large button to fasten, a zipper to zip, and more. This fold-open Dress-Up Bear will be a favorite at playtime–and will stand up to repeated cleanings in the washing machine, too.

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