3rd Grade

Our Third Grade Program focuses on children that are eight to nine years old.

Our program includes Social Studies covering early American History and Science covering farm animals. Students continue to growing in their reading and math skills, including solving for the unknown in math problems.

Many of the items in this package are non-consumable, if the original items are kept then additional children going through this level would have an enrollment fee of $175. The full-year fee would be $475.

3rd grade includes:

101 Favorite Stories from the Bible

Have your children heard of how God made a path through the water for the Israelites, of the boy David and the giant Goliath, and of how Jesus loves the children? In easy-to-understand words, here are 101 favorite stories from the Bible that have delighted millions of children all around the world. Even young children who cannot read will love to look at the colorful, descriptive pictures. After each story, you will find a few questions to encourage discussion and help your child remember the stories. Bible stories are timeless and true. May God use the stories in this book to refresh your and new child’s hearts!

America’s Story Volume 1

History comes alive in the stories and adventures of explorers and pioneers who saw in America the chance to live a dream to freely worship God, to have the chance to own land, and the search for wealth and opportunities. It is also the story of cultures that at times cooperated or clashed, as well as distant rulers and countries who saw a chance to expand their power through conflict or treaty.

Volume One in this series for your elementary students includes:

Beautiful historic illustrations, photographs, maps, and cultural connections

Examples of history you can still see today all across this great land

Important narratives of the people and places that stand for some of the most pivotal moments in America’s development.

This vivid collection of history is as varied and vast as the lands that stretch from the original thirteen colonies to the gold fields of California. Discover the people who braved and tamed a wilderness to form communities and eventually states that dot the landscape of this great land we know today.

Language Lessons for a Living Education 3

Continuing with what the student has learned in Level 2, Book 3 will add to their reading, communication and observation skills. They will begin to write paragraphs. They will review and refine lessons from Level 2 in addition to learning new skills.

This curriculum incorporates picture study, memorization, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, observation, poems, psalms, letters, and practical application through creative writing all working towards the mastery of reading and grammar, as well as the mechanics of communication and writing. Equivalent to a third-grade level.

Word Roots Beginning

This 112-page book teaches students the meaning and spelling of roots, prefixes, and suffixes that are the elements used to form words in English. Learning these word elements dramatically improves spelling and the ability to decode unfamiliar words.

The activities focus on using these words in context to help students incorporate each word into their vocabulary and retain the correct spelling. There are periodic reviews to make sure students retain what is taught in the lessons. Word Roots will add hundreds of words to your students’ vocabulary and greater depth to their thinking and writing.

Each lesson has the meanings of prefixes, roots, and suffixes used to form the vocabulary words. The activities following the lessons include:

    1. Spelling and Defining Word
      Match each given word to its correct definition.
    2. Completing the Sentence
      Complete the sentence by choosing the correct word.
    3. Defining the Word Parts
      Define the word parts.
    4. Writing Sentences
      Write sentences using the words in the lesson.

Math Lessons for a Living Education

In Book 3, join Charlie, Charlotte, their baby sister Ella, and their parents as they prepare and go on a mission trip to Peru. Children will review concepts from Book 2 and learn addition and subtraction up to 4 digits, rounding to 10s, 100s, and 1000s, multiplication and division up to 10s, area of rectangles and squares, place value through millions, more measurement, solving for unknowns, greater/less than, and Roman numerals.

Shape By Shape

Shape By Shape is an advanced tangram-style pattern game, made more difficult because you also fill in the frame around each shape you make. With 60 challenges, Shape By Shape is a great exercise in conceptual thinking and spatial relationships.

Pentime 3

This is the first year of cursive writing. Children will practice cursive letters, joining letters, writing words, and copying short paragraphs.

Adventures on Planet Earth – Level 3 (Let’s Talk Science)

Earth science is the perfect study for budding young scientists. This curriculum is packed with fun activities and adventures to help your student learn about God’s creation of biomes, the food chain, climate, trees, and so much more. Each lesson offers Hidden Treasures to help the student see the biblical connection of the scientific facts and build a deeper relationship with God.

Crayola Crayons 24 Count Box

Binney & Smith produced the first Crayola® box of eight crayons in 1903, making these crayons a true classic art tool for generations. Known for their smooth quality, rich colors, and creative color names, these are a staple for every household. Fun to use and durable too, these classic non-toxic crayons are offered in a variety of color set options beyond the original 1903 colors of the rainbow. Classic crayon size is 3 5/8″ x 5/16″.

Fiskars Big Kids Scissors 6″ Red

These 6-inch long scissors look the same as the teacher-recommended kid’s scissors, but have been enlarged to fit kids who have bigger hands (ages 8-12) and more advanced projects to work on. These scissors feature stainless-steel blades for easy cutting, a larger loop for fingers, and an ergonomically friendly thumb loop.

Sketchbook – Green Hardbound

Royal & Langnickel’s sketchbooks are a great way to keep your sketches and drawings well organized. With a unique green-colored cover, you can bring this sketchbook with you wherever you go. The medium grain paper is acid-free and the perfect surface for all dry techniques, including calligraphy.

SunWorks Construction Paper Assorted 9″x12″

SunWorks® Heavyweight Groundwood Construction Paper provides the best value in school-grade construction paper. It is the perfect solution for school projects and other arts and crafts. It has bright and consistent colors, is slightly textured, and cuts and folds evenly without cracking. Ten color assortment includes Scarlet, Black, Yellow-Orange, Brown, Pink, Violet, Blue, Holiday Green, White, and Yellow. Recyclable.

In the Woods Toob

Take an evening stroll in the woods, and you never know what you’ll find! Featuring many of the common denizens of a forest, this Toob includes an elk, river otter, monarch butterfly, black bear, black snake, bald eagle, beaver, doe, grasshopper, frog, raccoon, and bison.

Characteristics: Meticulously hand-painted and artfully sculpted, this Toob can turn your home into dense, sunny woods. Be careful you don’t leave any food out, or you might have an unexpected guest in the curious and hungry black bear.

Size and Color: This Toob measures 1.5 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and 12.8 inches tall, making it a touch larger than a standard American ruler. Containing 12 figurines of creatures commonly found in the woods, such as the cedar brown bald eagle with its iconic whitehead or the cinnamon-colored elk, these 1.25 to 3.75-inch tall models are both colorful and vibrant!

Nature Toob

Bring the wonder of the great outdoors into your home with the Nature Toob! Including a rabbit, beaver, doe, cardinal, gray wolf, fox, raccoon, black bear, moose, mountain lion, bald eagle, and a bison, this Toob has all kinds of unique animals that fly, hop and saunter!

South African Animals Toob

This TOOB features highly detailed miniature mammals representing the diverse region of South Africa. Included are the African Elephant, Lion, Lioness, Spotted Hyena, White Rhino, Giraffe, Zebra, Cape Buffalo, and Cape Baboon.

South American Animals Toob

This TOOB features highly detailed and accurate mini-figures representing the unique animals found throughout South America including mammals, reptiles, birds and fish. Includes 8 figures: Jaguar, 3 Toed Sloth, Harpy Eagle, Giant Anteater, Capybara, Arapaima, Boto (Amazon River Dolphin) and Black Caiman.

The Cabin Faced West

Life was hard and friends were few for a young girl in western Pennsylvania, but a visit from General George Washington makes a lasting impression. A true story handed down from generation to generation until being published by author Jean Fritz. 124 pgs, pb.

Finding Providence (I Can Read History)

The year is 1635, and Mary Williams and her family live in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Her father, Roger, is on trial for preaching new ideas about freedom. When found guilty, he flees into the cold, telling Mary that she must trust in God’s providence to see him to safety.

Roger’s only hope of survival lies with the Narragansett Indians. Will Mary ever see her father again?

A Lion to Guard Us

Amanda Freebold’s father sails to the new colony of Jamestown, hoping to make a life there for his family. Amanda and her two siblings stay behind with their mother and work hard for Mistress Trippett to make ends meet in the meantime. After three years, the Freebold children’s mother dies and they are left alone. Amanda makes the hard decision to cross the ocean and join their father in the new world, and the children start the long, hard journey with only a brass lion that their father left to guard them.

Sarah Whitcher’s Story

Little Sarah wanders away from her family’s cabin and deep into the forest. Dangers lurk everywhere. Will the settlers find her?

Three Young Pilgrims

Historical fiction account of the Pilgrims as seen through the eyes of Bartholomew, Remember, and Mary Allerton. Beginning on board the ship just before land is sighted, richly detailed illustrations and captivating narrative portray life for the Mayflower Pilgrims here in the New World. The wedding of Priscilla Mullins and John Alden, the harvest, and, of course, the Thanksgiving feast are among the events chronicled as this story of the first year of settlement at Plymouth unfolds.

Teaching American History Through Art

This book has a chronological organization and a helpful table of contents to make it easier to correlate these fantastic art and art-appreciation activities with your study of history. Sharon Jeffus recommends several artists and particular artistic works to study as well. Activities run the gamut from crafts to drawing skills, from art appreciation to studies of particular artists. All are accompanied by well-researched textual information and black-and-white illustrations. These are all high- interest activities that not only expand on their history study, but teach art skills as well.

Westward Ho! Heart of the Old West Music Book and CD (Experience History Through Music)

Westward Ho!: America’s westward expansion is amazingly rich in stories and songs. In Westward Ho!, you will find the pioneer spirit that stirred the hearts of thousands of Americans to leave the safety and comfort of home.

3rd grade additional math includes:

Gamma Universal Set

Multiplication for single and multiple-digit numbers and other topics.

Optional Add-ins:

Must be ordered with any kit either Distance Education or Online.

Speedy Spanish Primer Level

This simple introduction to Spanish is perfect for young children. The Primer book is divided into six primer sections, each featuring different topics. Section 1 covers colors, numbers, days, and months, Section 2 contains seasons, home, school, and church, Section 3 teaches animals and people, Section 4 presents parts of the body, clothes, and food, Section 5 covers things and places, Section 6 contains opposites. Each page presents pictures and the English version of 3 words and the facing page contains the translation in Spanish. There are really no lesson plans to speak of, although the workbook is divided into lessons which cover different pages of the primer. The workbook contains matching activities (pictures to Spanish words, English to Spanish words, etc.), coloring activities, mazes, and more. The teacher key contains all the answers, showing small copies of each workbook page (4 per page) with the correct answers marked; some instruction appears at the bottom of each teacher page. Your students will have a solid introduction to basic Spanish words at the end of these 33 lessons.

This is appropriate for Kindergarten 1 through 3rd grade, although older elementary age students could benefit from this before starting a slightly more advanced Spanish course.

Around the World with Kate & Mack: Look at Languages From A to Z

Meet Kate, a Wycliffe missionary kid, and her faithful friend, Mack. They’re on an adventure to make new friends from different countries all around the world. And you can join them!

Travel with Kate & Mack as they learn about different cultures, languages and countries. They’ll discover that although there are a lot of differences between them and their new friends, there’s one thing that’s the same – they’re all loved by a God who speaks their languages and wants to be their friend.

This is appropriate for Kindergarten 2 through 5th grade.

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