Kindergarten 1

Our Kindergarten 1 Program focuses on children that are four to five years old.

We believe that although children who are kindergarten level are able to do some workbooks, although workbooks should still be limited. Many children this age experience their hands getting tired easily from having fine motor skills that are still developing. Reading good literature to children at this age is one of the best teaching tools for parents to use.

Most of the items in this package are non-consumable, if the original items are kept then additional children going through this level would be $305 each.

Kindergarten 1 includes:

Creation Story for Children

Introduce children to the wonder of things God has created with this colorful storybook. Initially, each 2-page spread in the book is composed of a large illustration showing one of the seven days of Creation. Illustrations are detailed and colorful and show the vast array of things that God has created. Along with each illustration are the verses from Genesis that talk about that part of Creation (in the King James Version) along with a small description about it and a prompt to get kids to notice specific elements of Creation both in the pictures and in life. Then several pages in the book are dedicated to pointing out some especially unique and well-designed animals that God created. Each animal is shown in a colorful illustration and then a caption shares a bit about what is so amazing about the animal. The last part of the book focuses on why humans are so special and how God can know and love us so well because He created us. Excerpts from Psalm 139 are accompanied by cute pictures of children and explanations of how God knows all about us. A colorful and meaningful storybook by Helen and David Haidle, 40 pgs, hc.

N is for Noah

This teacher-directed Bible book alphabetically presents the importance of trusting God’s promises using the story of Noah and the flood. Using the tent format book, the teacher presents the lesson from one side while the student views the cartoon-illustrated, poem-format story on the opposite side. Each story highlights an alphabet letter and a tangible or Biblically-themed word such as R is for Raven or C is for Called. The low-prep teacher’s portion includes the story and a scripted-format lesson using activities and questions that review and expand upon key ideas and additional vocabulary using the same letter.

N is for Noah Coloring Book

Color a book about trusting God and His promises! A proven resource that makes learning the Bible fun!

44 Animals of the Bible

Each page shows a realistic color illustration of the animal with text giving some interesting information about the creature. For example, some have a different modern name than what was used in the Bible, such as the pygarg (a type of wild goat). You learn the context in which the animal is mentioned and see the specific verse at the bottom of the page. The text is interesting and uses some great vocabulary for children to learn. There are many references to something being an unclean animal (not to be eaten) which was fascinating. Animals are shown alphabetically and include things like badger, eagle, goat, ibex, mouse, owl, quail, tortoise and more. 

Alphabet Coloring Book

The Alphabet Coloring Book has a 2-page spread for each letter.

Numbers Coloring Book

The Numbers Coloring Book has 2-page spreads for numbers 0-12 with simple drawings perfect for coloring.

Kindergarten I LittleLight Complete Set

CLE Kindergarten 1 offers an introduction to basic concepts of learning. Your 4- to 5-year old can enjoy short periods of pre-reading activities a few times a week. As he matures, the frequency and duration of these lessons can gradually increase. 

CLE’s Kindergarten 1 introduces basic concepts of learning. The five LittleLight workbooks introduce listening skills, matching, identifying eight primary colors, coloring, tracing, counting, and more.

The teacher’s guide gives detailed lesson instructions, including extra activities in motor skills, Bible memory, songs, and stories. Reproduction of student pages with answers is included. 

Stepping Stones

Ignite a wonderful love of learning as you guide your child’s first steps on the stepping stones to success with a developmentally-based course for preschool. Introduces students to concepts like colors, letters, nutrition, matching objects, and weather, while also developing their biblical faith.

All God’s Children

A unique and interactive book kids will love!

*Book is easy for kids to handle and uses easy-to-read rhymes

*Book is die-cut in the shape of the children.

*Beautiful full-color illustrations of children from different nations, each dressed in their native clothing.

*Bible references are included for parents who want to “dig deeper.”

*The rhyming text, the shape, and the colorful design of the book will appeal to children; the biblical doctrine will appeal to parents.

*Features children from China, Africa, Russia, Mexico, Australia, Fiji, India; and includes American Indian, Eskimo, Arab, and Caucasian children.

Children are full of questions and, thankfully, the Bible is full of answers. One question that sometimes puzzles even adults is “Why are there different races of people?” or it might be worded “Where did the races come from?” This beautiful cutout children’s book explains the answer to this question in a rhyming text that every age can understand. According to the Bible, there are no “races” – there is only one race: the human race. We are all descended from Adam and Eve, and this book tells the story of how the race began with them, and how and why the diversity came later. This wonderful, biblically correct story will be a favorite of children everywhere.

Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show

A little girl who adores dinosaurs and a Saturday morning program that challenges the Bible’s story of Creation becomes an opportunity for her to prove sometimes even the smallest voices can proclaim and defend the truth of God’s Holy Word!

Follow along in this brightly-illustrated story as one little girl defends her faith by going to this important source of historical and scientific truth as she shows that Dinosaurs: Stars of the show actually proves the Bible was right all along! A colorful apologetics tool and a delightful story for youngsters!

Noah Didn’t It Rain

A one-of-a-kind rendition of the classical story of Noah and the ark! Written by legendary Oak Ridge Boys member William Lee Golden, this charming story echoes the lyrics of the enclosed free music CD featuring the song “Didn’t It Rain” performed by the award-winning group. Adorable illustrations and the cute story will delight children as they learn about the animals and their adventure on the ark. A fresh and appealing story destined to be a child’s classic!

When You See a Rainbow Board Book

The rainbow has taken on different cultural overtones in the past few years, but it is vitally important that children remember the true history of the rainbow as a symbol of God’s promise to Noah and the world after the Great Flood.

*Beautiful illustrations present a colorful backdrop that will delight children

*Includes a short but powerful explanation of the rainbow and its significance

*Reminds all believers why the rainbow was placed in the sky by God and its purpose even today!

Zoo Animals Small Format Stickers

Dover stickers are high-quality and very colorful. These zoo animal stickers come in a small-format book that is only 4 1/16″ x 5 3/4″. 

Crayola Crayons 8 Count Box

Classic crayon size is 3 5/8″ x 5/16″.

Crayola Washable Watercolors 8-Pan

Crayola® Washable Watercolors offer the brightest watercolor painting experience–without the mess! The eight classic watercolors in this tray are specially formulated to wash easily from skin and fabrics. A paintbrush is included.

Green Toys Dough (4 Pack)

The Green Toys Dough is the safe and simple way for kids as little as 2+ to enjoy the creative benefits of dough play. The dough is made in the USA from simple ingredients like organic flour and mineral-based colorant. For ages 2-8.

Hole Punch – Premium Single-Hole Paper Punch with Cushion Grip

Single-Hole Paper Punch with Cushion Grip

Koopy Spring Scissors – 5″

For children who need a little more practice maneuvering scissors, simply flip up the attached spring for no-effort cutting. Once the child’s hand muscles and skills are further developed, the spring can be flipped back down. These 5″ inch scissors have blunted metal blades and feature extra-comfortable handles.

My First Ticonderoga Presharpened Pencils #2 (2 Count)

This large size (13/32”) round No. 2 pencil is easy for small hands to hold making them ideal for children in the early stages of their writing development. The thick graphite core features a proprietary formula focusing on graphite mined from carefully controlled sources to deliver a broad smooth line. Pre-sharpened to save you time and hassle. Top-quality latex-free erasers remove marks completely without smudging. Premium wood harvested from responsibly managed sources provides smooth, even sharpening with minimal breakage.

Pom Poms Asst Sizes Bright Hues (100 pc/pkg)

Pom poms are sure to make any art project a little more “warm and fuzzy.” These brightly colored poms come in a variety of bold colors and are easily glued.

SunWorks Construction Paper Assorted 9″x12″

SunWorks® Heavyweight Groundwood Construction Paper provides the best value in school grade construction paper. It is the perfect solution for school projects and other arts and crafts. It has bright and consistent colors, is slightly textured and cuts and folds evenly without cracking. Ten color assortment includes Scarlet, Black, Yellow-Orange, Brown, Pink, Violet, Blue, Holiday Green, White and Yellow. Recyclable.

Angus Lost (Flack)

Always curious, Angus runs away from his house to seek new adventures. Find them he does, but will Angus make it back home?


Day after day, Corduroy, the small brown bear with green overalls, waited for someone to take him home. When a little girl who shows great interest in buying Corduroy is not allowed by her mother, Corduroy is saddened. Will anyone ever want this determined little bear?

Eric Carle’s Animals Animals

Enjoy a variety of poems from a various authors about the wonders of the animal kingdom. Each poem is borrowed from authors such as Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, Rudyard Kipling, Emily Dickson, and even God (Bible verses); and is accompanied by one of Eric Carle’s iconic animal illustrations. 88 pgs

Flicka, Ricka, Dicka and the Three Kittens

While their aunt and uncle are away, Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka promise to take care of Mitzi the cat. They feed her and play with her all day, but Mitzi disappears. Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka search everywhere, but Mitzi stays hidden with a big surprise.

Little Toot

Little Toot is a tugboat who does not want to tug. Instead, he wants to make figure eights in the harbor and bother all the other tugboats. But when he ends up all alone on the open water as a storm is rolling in, its up to him to save a stuck ocean liner. This classic story is sure to delight a whole new generation of readers!

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

You start off with fish, and end up meeting all kinds of crazy creatures. Not only are there many kinds of fish, but there are many different things everywhere. Meet the Nook with his hook cookbook, the sheep that walk in their sleep, and the Zeds with only one hair on their heads. A classic Dr. Seuss book.

Snipp, Snapp, Snurr and the Reindeer

For spring vacation, the boys went to the mountains in the far north to ski. There they met a Laplander family that had a reindeer named Prince. The children and Prince had a wonderful time playing in the snow. One day as Snipp, Snapp, and Snurr were skiiing back to their cabin, they became lost in a big snowstorm. And guess who came to the rescue?

Snowy Day / Ezra Jack Keats

One day Peter wakes up and there is snow covering everything! He gets all bundled up and heads outside for an adventuresome day in the snow. Before he goes inside for the day, he stows a snowball in his pocket. When he checks his pocket before bed the snowball is gone, and Peter is sad. Then he dreams that all of the snow melted over night, but when he wakes up there is even more snow.

Best of Beethoven CD (Best of Classical Kids)

This CD includes 45 minutes of carefully chosen music from a variety of Beethoven’s work. This would work well as an introduction for young children to classical music or just for listening pleasure anytime.

Fun with Magnets

This kit includes all the materials kids will need to experiment and learn about the history of magnets, rules of magnetism, types of magnets, how magnets are used and so much more. Kit includes: magnet wand, 3 magnetic balls, horseshoe magnet, bar magnet, 2 ring magnets, a compass, 8 nuts, 5 washers, wire, a metal rod, 3 crepe rubber shapes and 8 double-sided activity cards. The activity cards are illustrated and contain step-by-step instructions for 14 experiments.

GeoSafari Jr. Bugnoculars

Little scientists can catch and observe critters in this bug friendly, kid-cool container, perfect for STEM learning!

o Includes soft, rubber grip handles and snap-lock lid with air holes

o Two comfortable, 3x magnification eye pieces on the lid, and 2 additional 2x magnification lenses on sides

Kanoodle Jr. Game

Spatial-reasoning and critical-thinking game for younger puzzlers
Puzzle board (doubles as a carry case), 6 large puzzle pieces, and puzzle book with 60 kid-friendly puzzles
Multilingual instruction guide

Magnetic Wooden Numbers

Enough numerals to count from zero through twenty AND five math signs in a convenient wooden case. 37 colorful magnetic pieces can help children learn their numbers and solve basic math problems.

World Playground Ball – 5 inch

What kid doesn’t love to play ball? Now they can play indoors and outdoors with this beautifully illustrated textured 5″ Playball. Girls and boys ages 3 and up will love the artwork. It is made from natural and synthetic rubber and is PVC and BPA free.

Ball ships uninflated; you can inflate it with an air compressor or bicycle pump.

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