Online education

The online curriculum that Charity Christian Academy uses is Ignitia. It is both challenging and flexible which makes it work well for most students. It is a comprehensive curriculum for grades 3 – 12, with five core courses (Bible, History, Language Arts, Math, and Science) and over 30 electives available. The courses include text-based lessons, quizzes, and tests, along with videos, games, and projects. We also have optional science kits to make experiments easier to do at home.

Online education is not “the easy way out of school”. It takes dedication to get the required assignments completed. Younger students can often complete their main assignments in just a few hours, while older students need to plan on a minimum of four and a half hours or more per day. Students are required to earn a minimum of 80% per unit or they get the privilege of doing part or all of the unit over to reinforce the concepts that were not understood the first time they studied it.

Every student is required to take placement tests to help determine if they have any learning gaps in their education. A learning gap sometimes arises because different curricula teaches subjects in a different order. Sometimes it is because a student didn’t quite understand a certain concept. A learning gap can affect a student’s progress and should be fixed before going forward.

Parents receive monthly online attendance reports. These reports tell down to the second how long a student was actively engaged in learning on the school website. Report cards are emailed quarterly.