Who may legally enroll in Charity Christian Academy?
Any student under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian complete the enrollment. The only possible exception is for emancipated minors.
Do you have rolling enrollment?
Yes, students are welcome to enroll any time of the year.
Tuition at your school includes the 5 core classes, how much are electives?
The tuition includes as many courses as the students can complete before the end of the school year. There is no additional charge for electives.
Can I dual enroll my child with publicly funded K - 12 schools (public or private)?
We do not allow dual enrollment. When a student is in a publicly funded school it automatically becomes the primary school. We do however encourage students to take college courses from both public and private colleges during high school.
Do you offer multi-child discounts?
No, we already offer very low prices for quality education.
Is there a fee for transcripts?
The first three transcripts (official or unofficial) are free unless they need to be expedited ($10 fee for expedited). Each transcript after the first three is $20 for regular processing or $30 for expedited. Regular processing usually takes several days to several weeks depending on the time of year. Expedited usually takes several days to a week.
Is the price of books or other curriculum included in the tuition for distance learning?
No, the price varies based on choices of add-on or other resources. So, these prices are added to tuition according to the choices made.
Why do my children need placement tests?
No two schools teach the same exact concepts at the same time and we want to make sure that your child doesn’t miss learning any important concepts that could hinder his/her academic progress later on.
I have a hard time getting together all of the items for science experiments. Do you have any science kits?
Yes, we have optional science kits available for purchase to go along with grades 3 to 12 of the online science curriculum.
Do you have a technical support number?
Yes, Ignitia’s technical support number is 877.251.6662.
Are you accredited?

Yes, Charity Christian Academy is accredited through the National Association of Private Schools.

What is accreditation?
Accreditation is a voluntary process that schools can choose to go through by contacting one of many private accrediting agencies in the country. Accreditation is totally through private agencies and most agencies have their own list of requirements for allowing schools to become accredited through their agency (there is no standard list of requirements). Accreditation was originally set up strictly for colleges and universities, which presents a problem for the agencies because most still do not have good solutions for accrediting elementary and secondary schools.
What are the High School Graduation requirements?
High School Graduation requirements can be accessed HERE.
Do you have any kind of referral program?
Yes. Charity Christian Academy appreciates your referrals. We will give a $5 one time discount to any member who refers enrolling families to us. It is a one time discount applied to tuition after the referred family pays their enrollment fee. The discount is per student. So, for example, if a family enrolls 4 students because of your referral you will get a $20 tuition discount. Be sure the family mentions you by name at the time of enrollment.
Are enrollment fees refundable?

No, the enrollment fees are non-refundable.

Do the staff receive continuing education?

Yes, staff receive a minimum of two hours of continuing education annually.

Do the staff have background checks?

Yes, all staff are required to have background checks completed before employment.