What a relief to find Charity Christian Academy! I have homeschooled my children for over 15 years. But, with multiple children, I needed more time to focus on being a mother. Instead, I found myself worried about grading papers and constant planning – and I am ashamed to say it didn’t always happen. My kids sometimes lagged behind because I couldn’t keep it all together.

I knew I needed help so I started searching for online options. Wow. I simply couldn’t afford most of them. For some online schools, if you multiply tuition times the number of your children it was close to a modest house note. Charity Christian is truly affordable making online schooling an option for my family.

Yes, I found a few other inexpensive options. But, the first one I used was full of evolutionary and humanistic content. And I knew that it was only going to get worse as my children went into higher levels. It had to go. So, I started searching again. I found another online school that offered AOP’s Ignitia curriculum for not much more than Charity. But, when reading the details I realized they did NONE of the subjective gradings. So, that kind of defeated the purpose! I am pleased to say that at Charity, all subjective items are graded for me!

I was somewhat worried about flexibility since it is an actual school, not just a curriculum. But, the headmistress, Kathleen, has been wonderful to work with. She has helped us tweak the levels, courses, and content to suit our family’s needs. And I actually appreciate having a little extra accountability to be sure it’s all getting done.

I am so thankful to have found an affordable school with a Christian worldview. Charity Christian Academy has been a blessing for our family. It’s like a hidden pearl waiting to be discovered.

Denise, Mississippi

We have had an unusual sense of comfort and assurance while being a part of the school family that is Charity Christian Academy. While there is the push back that creates a need for capabilities to grow and be developed and discovered, there is no derisive response when a different direction needs to be found for growth to continue. A child’s continual growth and eventual life course is the goal at this school. That focus is a continual directional conversation when classes are chosen. Our son has special needs and therefore some classes, while desired, were not a fit. Ms. Kathleen found alternatives that were a fit as often as possible. His preferences often times were one thing while his abilities were another. She found a way more often than not to make the two come out in a way that worked.

We have been with Ms. Kathleen since his 6th-grade year. He had some catching up to do so, he is graduating this year. If not for her helpful guidance, he wouldn’t have graduated till next year. If you find your kids in need of an “in the middle moment” need of a school change, she’s great at making things fit. If you are looking for a bit of a change up in your homeschool set up, she’s a great choice. If the public school has finally gotten to you, this school is the one.

We are leaving Charity with a smile after our time with this school. We are better parents and Daniel is a better young man after our time with this school. Choosing this school will definitely give you a step in the right direction in the education of your children.

Sandi, Missouri

This biggest reason to LOVE this school is Kathy! She works with us when my child struggles with something. She is kind and caring AND she knows her stuff and has a desire to see my child succeed academically as well as socially and emotionally.

Carrie, Kansas